The Cain Mutiny

A documentary filmmaker who shall remain nameless once said that the easiest way to make someone look guilty or deceptive was to take a very tight close-up of their face, even when they were smiling. Viewing the creepy Herman Cain ad below, it seems as if ‘nameless’ was right — who decided that ending shot of Cain slowly smiling would entice even Republicans to trust him? True, the ad got some free MSM attention, but all of it is negative, as in “WTF were they thinking?” negative.  It’s a testament to just how much Mitt Romney is loathed by three-quarters of his own party that Cain has shot up above the Mittster in the polls, replacing former poll frontrunner Rick Perry, who replaced Michele Bachmann. But, at least, Perry and Bachmann seemed serious — crazy, but serious. Cain doesn’t appear to give a damn; he doesn’t even bother to think through his addled policy positions so they show some hint of internal logic. But there may be another answer, ably expressed by the great Mario Piperni cartoon below — Herman Cain is really just another Sarah Palin, an egotistical Republican halfwit who accidentally stumbled into undeserved national celebrity. Whatever it is, I expect the ‘Cain Mutiny’ to be over before Thanksgiving as even GOP Base Voters figure out, as they did with Bachmann and Palin, that this babbling bonehead could never be trusted with the presidency and would lose in a landslide to President Obama.







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