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Socialism For the Rich

              Copyright 2011 John Sherffius.

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Today’s Quotes: Media ‘Balance’

“[O]ne of the things that really has gotten dumber about our culture: the media constantly talks about truth as if it … were always equidistant from two points. In other words, sometimes the truth is one-sided.” […] “[I]t’s exactly like … Continue reading

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What Could Go Wrong Here?

Bush Junior clone Gov. Rick Perry handed out a single license to one Texas billionaire to build a nuclear waste dump above the Ogallala Aquifer that  provides fresh water for nearly 2 million people in the southwestern US.  Naturally, that … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Mitt Romney Will Never Be President

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‘Use Me’ by Bill Withers

Bill Withers, a native of the pastoral West Virginia hellhole of ‘Slab Fork,’ was working on an aircraft company assembly line in L.A. in 1970 and submitting demos of his music to record companies. A small company named Sussex Records … Continue reading

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Don’t Right If U Can’t Rite Write

…ain’t it da troot. Read on: “Social Networks” like Facebook are booming — especially Facebook. There’s only one problem with them: to communicate there, members pretty much have to write. How can that be a problem? After all, all of … Continue reading

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Why U.S. Health Care Costs Are So High

Read “U.S. Healthcare vs the Rest of the World” at and weep, especially if you need health care in this country.  Part One: Part Two:

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We’re Number 1!

Wave that big foam finger around — we’re No. 1 in national debt at $14.3 trillion; No. 1 in oil usage at about 19 million barrels per day (with China a lame second at 8 million);  No. 1 in executive compensation, with US CEOs hauling … Continue reading

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The Unholy GOP Three and He Who Must Not Be Mentioned Except in Disdain

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The Tea Party Constitution

                        Copyright 2011

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