We’re Number 1!

Wave that big foam finger around — we’re No. 1 in national debt at $14.3 trillion; No. 1 in oil usage at about 19 million barrels per day (with China a lame second at 8 million);  No. 1 in executive compensation, with US CEOs hauling in 343 times the amount paid to the average worker; No. 1 in the number of prisoners in jail at approximately 2 million compared to second-place China with only 1.5 mil; but, surprisingly, we’re only No. 4 in the number of murders by firearm — I think with a Tea Party President in 2012, we can improve in that category. (The previous stats were culled from NationMaster.com and SEIU.org.)















H/t to Suburban Guerrilla for the above chart.

But that’s not all we’re No. 1 in — how about military spending:








 …and lowering taxes on the wealthy:









…and here‘s what your tax dollar pays for:









(I think we’re also likely No. 1 in the number of dumb politicians, but I couldn’t find a chart for that.) So stick out your chest — look at all we have to fill us up with pride!

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