Here’s a Way to ‘Occupy’ from Your Easy Chair

Finally, junk mail has a purpose! It’s been suggested that, if you want to protect your anonymity, and keep more junk mail coming, you can simply rip your name label or other identifying info off of the mail before sending it back, but don’t forget to include a polite but pointed message that you are supporting the Occupy Movement.

Take Five Minutes of Your Day to Keep Wall Street Occupied With This Amazing At-Home Activism Plan

Sarah Seltzer
Oct. 31, 2011

Far away from New York? Busy all the time? This video making its rounds across the internet has a great idea for doing your small part to help Occupy Wall Street–and get rid of junk mail while you do it, using those handy “business reply” envelopes that show up unwanted at your doorstep.

A bonus: it gives more business to the Postal Service.

The idea is to “keep Wall Street occupied” by organizing a mass movement of consumers to send their unsolicited credit card and mortgage offers right back to the Wall Street mailrooms from whence they came–with a message from the 99% inside!

Want more details? Watch below.

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