A Suggestion: The OWS Movement Should Stage a Nationwide One-Day March Called ‘Occupy For The Police’

by RS Janes

This is not a joke. Already the OWS Movement has claimed solidarity with the police as part of the 99 Percent, despite the attacks staged by some officers. My suggestion is designate a day, say Friday, Nov. 18th, that would feature marches around the nation in support of the police receiving their full pensions and benefits, better treatment on the job, and ending job cuts. Call it ‘Occupy For The Police’ and have signs that say things like ‘Police Deserve Their Full Pensions and the Benefits They’ve Earned!’ and ‘Officer — We’re On Your Side!’ and ‘Stop Cutting Cops to Save Cash!’ and ‘We Support the Police Unions!’  Yes, this will take OWS protestors forgiving the cops for some of the violence they’ve committed, and for Scott Olsen, et al, but isn’t this movement about doing things differently than in the past? Anyway, I think the OWS people on the ground should submit it for a vote to the various General Assemblies. Somehow, I think this is one protest the police would have a hard time using violence to quell, and, who knows, perhaps it would result in even more converts to OWS from law enforcement. After all, they are the 99 Percent getting screwed along with the rest of us, and we are on their side, even if some of them are blind to that fact.

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