So Dumb It’s Worthy of the Chicago Board of Trade

With dunces like Teabag Prince Rick Santelli working in the Chicago financial ghetto downtown, it’s not surprising these spoiled-rotten 1 Percent louts at the CBOT would pull a stunt like this, as if the people in the streets, many of them with college degrees, could really pay off their student loans and still eat regularly on a minimum wage McJob, even if one were available. You have to reach back to the pampered court of King Louis XVI to find aristocrats as stunningly clueless, blind and stupid as the overpaid inhabitants of the CBOT.

McDonald’s Job Applications Dumped On ‘Occupy’ Protesters By Chicago Board Of Trade

Harry Bradford
Huffington Post
Nov. 6, 2011

On top of cold weather and logistical pains, “Occupy” protesters in Chicago last week dealt with an embarrassing stunt.

Dozens of photocopied McDonald’s job applications were reportedly thrown from the Chicago Board of Trade building and onto Occupy Chicago protestors earlier this week, according to Chicagoist (h/t Mediaite).

In April, McDonald’s announced plans to hire 50,000 new employees in a single day. The fast food giant was subsequently flooded with more than one million applications, a McDonald’s spokeswoman told HuffPost in April. As of October, there are officially 13.9 million unemployed people in America today

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