Is This the ‘Smoking Gun’ Photo of Herman Cain with Sharon Bialek?

This picture has been up on the Innertubes, supposedly of Herman Cain arm-in-arm with Sharon Bialek, the woman he says he doesn’t know and never met, who has accused Cain of sexual harassment. It’s hard to tell from the grainy photo whether this is actually Bialek or not, but look at her picture below and judge for yourself. Then, last Tuesday, another woman came forward to publicly accuse Cain of the same thing: Karen Kraushaar has alleged multiple incidents of sexual harassment by Cain forced her to leave her job at the National Restaurant Association and she filed a complaint against him in 1999.  The charges were dropped when an agreement was reached; Kraushaar accepted a $45,000 settlement and signed a confidentiality statement. And there are at least two other women waiting anonymously in the wings with similar charges.  Con artist Cain might have been able to survive slandering Bialek and denying her charges, but with another woman going public and potentially others, at what point do all but the most deluded of Teabaggers say “Enough is enough” and figure out Cain has been feeding them some Very Big Lies?  Would the headline “Ten Women Publicly Accuse Cain of Sexual Harassment” do it?  Or would it have to be 20, 50 or a hundred? In my experience, a-holes who sexually harass women at work keep doing it as long as they can get away with it, and, if it’s the boss, as Cain was in this situation, there is no one to hold them accountable. (Although Cain did reportedly leave as CEO of the NRA six months early.) The man who arrogantly and self-servingly asserts he’s “never acted inappropriately with anyone” is already dropping in the polls and I suspect that will continue; perhaps even the notorious Koch brothers will decide to stop throwing good money after bad and pull out on Cain.  One thing seems sure at this point: there is no way Herman Cain is ever going to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.   Interesting little factoid, the father of Bialek’s son is West Naze who works for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

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