More On the Luntz Morons

Frank Luntz has made a fortune ‘redefining’ common terms in order to push the neoconservative Republicon agenda to low-info middle and working class voters so that they will vote against their own best interests. So far, he’s been successful, but Luntz’s Orwellian GOP lexicon may not work this time around — things are too tough out there for such frivolous nonsense. Read on:

Ed Schultz and Alan Grayson on Luntz’s “99% for Dummies”: His Tricks Won’t Work This Time

by Lauren Kelley
Dec. 3, 2011

On Thursday night, Ed Schultz took on Frank Luntz’s vile Occupy movement talking points for the GOP (say “economic freedom” instead of “capitalism” and say the government “takes from the rich” instead of “taxes the rich”). Then Schultz interviewed past (and perhaps future) Congressman Alan Grayson about whether he think’s Luntz’s dirty tricks will work this time. “No [they] won’t,” Grayson said, “because even a dog knows when he’s being kicked, and the middle class in America has been kicked over and over again.” Watch the whole segment below.

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