Christopublican Video Game Slaughters Atheists and Jews If They Won’t Convert

Is this part of the ‘War On Those Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas’? Gee, just imagine the on-air stroke Bill O’Reilly would have if an atheist designed a game that killed Christians for not abandoning their god. More hypocrisy from the masters of the practice.

Video game where Jews and Atheists must be killed or converted due for Christmas

by J.D. Griffioen

A video game about a Christian militia slaughtering Jewish and atheist New Yorkers who won’t be converted in the name of a particular brand of Christianity will be on the shelves of more than 10,000 American retailers in time for the Christmas season, including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, GameStop, EB Games, CompUSA,, Costco and numerous others. The video game is a spinoff of the wildly successful collaborative novels about “the rapture” by conservative fundamentalist minister Tim Lahaye and the guy who used to write the dialogue for the Gil Thorpe comic strip, Jerry Jenkins.

In Left Behind: Eternal Forces, kids will assume the role of a member of a “Christian” gang wandering the streets of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, killing or converting as many Jews, Atheists, and other unsavory types in the employ of the Anti-Christ as possible to get to the next level. If the heathen won’t convert, the character can kill them. The company is offering a free demonstration model to churches. “We see it as a beacon of light that could shine in the dark world of video games,” said Jerome Mikulich, “director of outreach ministries” for the company. “The most important thing is that it helps kids realize there is power in the spirit world, and that by praying they can endure and get through their real-life situations.” Praying, and putting a shotgun in the mouth of Jews. Just like all those chapters in the gospel where Jesus preaches that the way to salvation is busting a cap into the ass of those who won’t convert.

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