Rove Attempts to Smear Warren and Fails

The viperous Karl Rove’s nasty little M.O. is to go after his opponent’s strength — think John Kerry’s war record and heroic action where he saved a soldier’s life under fire in Vietnam — and twist it around until most voters believe the opposite of the truth.

 Elizabeth Warren, presently ahead in the polls over Wall Street Golden Boy Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), is a tireless crusader for consumer rights and regulating Wall Street, the banks and big corporations. Of course, Bush’s Brain, after failing to smear Warren by connecting her to the OWS Movement (turns out OWS is pretty popular in Massachusetts) went the other way and absurdly suggested that she was on the side of Wall Street against the middle class. (Uh, no, that would actually be Republican Scott Brown.) Rove’s used this despicable ploy so often it’s growing wrinkles, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to work this time around. Brown is a lazy sports-bar lunkhead and statehouse backbencher who lucked into Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat thanks to Democrat Martha Coakley’s terrible campaign and a low Dem turnout. He won’t be so lucky this time around with Warren on his trail. The age of slimeball Rove is over, but it will take a while for that fact to catch up to him. (Seems Karl’s always behind on the truth.)

Elizabeth Warren responds to Rove’s sleazy ad as “factually wrong and morally wrong”:

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