Today’s Quote: Welcome to the New Great Depression

“Here’s the dirty little secret: Republicans want the economy to fail. They want Obama to fail, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. They want these things, because the beast is in the bathtub and they can almost taste its demise.

“The pieces are in place for the Plutocrats final victory … an industry friendly Supreme Court; a Democratic Party that is either in collusion with the plutocrats, or so cowardly as to be neutered; a press that reports outlandish lies and objective facts as if they were equivalent; and a public that is dazed and confused and convinced the government is their enemy.

“But government isn’t the enemy. Laissez faire economic policies are. Every time we’ve tried them, they’ve produced profound income inequalities and the severe economic downturns that inevitably follow.

“With private industry sitting on top of some $2 trillion in profits, exporting jobs, and shutting down plants, only government spending stood between us and an economic Armageddon.

“Now, nothing does.

“So, congratulations, America. You’ve finally gotten big bad gubmint off your back.

“Enjoy the coming Great Depression.”
— John Atcheson, “The Beast Is Starved: Welcome to the Next Great Depression,” Aug. 4, 2011, Common

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