Bill Maher: Conservatives Are Dividing the Nation

If you’ve watched the GOP presidential candidates in action for any length of time, or peeked in at the recent CPAC circus, you’ve heard the conservatives blaming the nation’s ills on various imaginary horrors such as Saul Alinsky, an early civil rights advocate; a European Socialist president who isn’t; and a ‘Chicago political machine’ that our president, from progressive Hyde Park in that city, was never a part of. You’ve also had to tolerate millionaires like Mitt Romney and Newt Blingrich, without irony, attacking ‘elitists’ and endlessly flogging tax cuts for themselves as the path to a brighter future for the middle-class and poor, even though that batty ‘raise all boats’ theory has been repeatedly discredited for the last 30 years. Along the way, they’ve gone after Harvard professors and other hallucinated GOP social pariahs as if anyone with half a brain would consult an obnoxious CPAC glimstick with a Santorum bumper sticker and a Grover Norquist tax pledge rather than an expert in government to create a fairer tax system; or trust the vacuous right-wing twaddle of a Les Kinsolving over the conscientious and detailed financial knowledge of Matt Taibbi; or believe the dizzy inaccurate babblings of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly over the more circumspect and educated opinions of Current’s Keith Olbermann. Moreover, you’ve heard the right-wing pols slap around five major cities in the US as dark hellholes of evil elitist liberalism — New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and, of course, Washington, DC — while romanticizing about the ‘real America’ represented by the white Texas cowboy. Here’s a hint: the combined populations of those aforementioned pits of evil liberal elitism come to 16,070,310 Americans (according to 2010 figures); the number of white Texans amounts to 11,468,216 (2011 figures), and not all of them are cowboys or even conservative Republicans. Okay, so who represents the ‘real America’ now?

H/T to Mediaite and AlterNet.

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