An Interview With Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

STATE MANDATED RAPE – An Interview With Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

By Paul Nicholas Boylan
From the blog, “People of Earth: Attention”

[In this frankly fictitious interview, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell talks candidly about the latest attempt by Republicans in the Virginia State legislature to pass a law requiring women who seek an abortion to submit to having a large, long wand shoved up their vaginas as punishment.]

PEOPLE OF EARTH: Let’s cut to the chase, Governor. What the hell is this law that everyone is talking about?

MCDONNELL: I presume you are referring to House Bill 462.

POE: That depends. What does House Bill 462 do?

MCDONNELL: It punishes women who want an abortion by mandating that they first get this big thing shoved up their hoo-has.

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Copyright 2012 Paul Nicholas Boylan.

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