‘Banned’ Doonesbury Strip from Yesterday

At least banned by some newspapers. Others are shunting it off to the op-ed page. Doonesbury’s dangerous — might make people think about what it’s like to live in a Christopublican theocracy and get angry. There is absolutely no reason for these state-mandated transvaginal exams, or any pre-abortion sonogram, except to satisfy the peculiar religious convictions of the far-right, i.e.: the GOP base. Hmmmm, satisfying the desires of a small minority at the expense of the taxpaying majority and having the government come between you and your doctor — isn’t this what Republicans are continuously harping against? Gary Trudeau rightly focuses on Texas in these strips — bad policy ideas grow down there like turdblossoms. Speaking of which, in 2005 several newspapers refused to run a couple of Doonesbury strips because they had Junior Bush calling Karl Rove by this nickname. The madness never ends.

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