Signs o’ the Times for March 17, 2012

1. Scott Walker, the soon-to-be ex-Gov. of Wisconsin, has quite a few old friends who are in trouble with the law. Now, if this were Obama, the House Republicans would be impeaching him about now, but, since it’s a good GOP factotum who does what he’s told, the right-wing media are, as usual, mute on Walker’s shady connections.

2. The Teabaggers are a punch line now, but the sign still applies to what’s left of the Republican Party:

3. People marching for their rights and freedom are just like Nazis? Only in Rush Limbaugh’s bizarre little world.

4. Ain’t it the troot. We were better off as a country when wealthy people paid more in taxes, the unions were stronger, and Walmart products were still made in America.

5. Pathetically, this is how some chickenhawk warlovers actually think. Of course, they would quickly change their minds about the necessity for a war with Iran if they had to lead a platoon in the first firefight of that war. Their courage is confined to the office, college dorm or parental basement and tends to wilt suddenly in the gun bursts of combat.

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