Weird Pix for March 27, 2012

1. Yes, it’s none other than the beloved Ed Sullivan, listening to the World’s Greatest Music on the World’s Crappiest Portable Record Player. It looks like Ed’s thinking, “How did I ever get talked into this goddamned thing? I don’t know shit about music!”

2. I’d like a Frank Zappa ‘Toaster Poot’ — but without the obviously rabid raccoons.

3. Isn’t that nice, Taylor Swift got one of those stupid Vermont bears for Valentine’s Day, apparently with a useful attachment.

4. Don’t think this might not be a reality some day soon.

5. The nagging, insoluble problem of anarchy illustrated.

6. Probably not real, but it qualifies as weird. A 45 RPM record in 2012? That would be Romney’s speed.

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