Cartoons: Easter Sunday Religious Rundown

1. This is the America Christopublicans seem to be shooting for:

2. In my experience, so-called ‘secular humanists’ and atheists have a better track record of following their principles than the pious do.  Possibly that’s because they can’t blame Satan when they do something inhumane or horrible.

3.  Pettiness at Easter finery? God forbid!

4. If you’re going to persecute people for not following your interpretation of scripture in their private sex lives, why not also persecute pork eaters, Red Lobster diners, men who shave, and those who wear mixed blend cloth? (All are banned in the Old Testament.) It would make about as much sense as persecuting gay people.

5. Most of the world is going to hell because they won’t accept Jesus as their personal savior, at least according to some of the right-wing religious nuts. What kind of cruel, demented god would create a world where that would happen? These are the same people who claim all life is sacred, unless you violate their peculiar religious dogma; apparently their god doesn’t agree.

6. It’s true: according to parts of the New Testament, Jesus came only to save the Jews and he didn’t have much good to say about the Gentiles. (Sorry, Rick Santorum and Pat Robertson.)

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