Cartoons: What GOP War on Women?

Oh, that GOP War on Women…

1. Guess who’s going to lose this ‘balancing act’?

2. Look under ‘clueless Republican tool’ in the dictionary.

3. Republicans want to privatize everything — except your privates.

4. ‘How dare you protest what we say we’re not doing but actually are? Call out the Guard!’

5. You have to assume the GOP base must be wavering for the Republicans to risk pissing off most women with their bizarre anti-women’s rights laws. Either that or they’re on heavy drugs. Or, a conspiracy theory, the GOP Elite want to lose big in 2012 so that they can wrest control of the party from the Christopublican nutcases.

6. But we all know that this only cuts one way; Rush Limbaugh will never lose his Viagra, no matter whose name the prescription is in.

7. This about sums it up.  The GOP doesn’t want Big Gov’t making decisions about your personal life — except in matters relating to a woman’s reproductive organs or sex, of course — but see nothing wrong in your boss at work making decisions about your personal life without interference.  It’s not complicated, it’s completely insane.

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