Breaking News: Zimmerman’s Lawyers Quit Case

Supposedly, George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys quit his case because he won’t return their calls. Okay, that’s one thing, but let’s read between the lines: what if they were promised Zimmerman had evidence that he was beaten on the night he shot Trayvon Martin and he couldn’t produce that evidence? And then there’s a new witness who has emerged claiming they saw what happened and it was Zimmerman, not Trayvon, who was on top and the Sanford Police ignored this witness’ testimony. Zimmerman’s lawyers also said he called special prosecutor Angela Corey against their instructions. This case has more twists and turns than a Hitchcock film, but it seems Corey may be forced by circumstances to try and arrest Zimmerman — unless he’s left the country by the time she gets around to it.

Zimmerman’s Attorneys Quit

April 10, 2012

SANFORD, Fla., April 10 (UPI) — Lawyers for a Florida man claiming self-defense in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager backed out of the case Tuesday, saying he won’t return their calls.

The Miami Herald reported attorneys Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig said they had lost touch with George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since Trayvon Martin was killed, and Zimmerman had begun making moves without talking to them first.

Martin was shot and killed by the 28-year-old crime-watch volunteer in a gated community in Sanford Feb. 26 as the 17-year-old was walking to the home of his father’s girlfriend from a convenience store.

Zimmerman, who is white, told police he shot the black teen in self-defense, invoking Florida’s so-called stand-your-ground law.

The lawyers, who had only a verbal agreement with their client, said Zimmerman made unilateral decisions to call special prosecutor Angela Corey and Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity.

“He won’t even give me a collect call,” Sonner told the Herald.

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