Video: Ayn Rand Interviewed By Mike Wallace in 1959

But what she’s really talking about in this video is a plutocracy of the wealthy that would keep everyone else from a chance to improve their lot in life. Rand was against such things as public schools, public libraries, safety laws on the job, the right to collective bargaining, Social Security, Medicare, democracy, or any regulation of capitalism — eliminating all of that leads to domination by a monarchical upper-class that can afford to keep the people in line and force them to work for whatever wages they deem fit just to survive. She thinks people, by dint of being born poor, are automatically ‘weak’ and ‘unworthy,’ and she did not value their work nor think they deserved a chance to better themselves — in fact, she called them ‘parasites.’ As we’ve seen in the taste of ‘Objectivism’ we had in the eight years of the Bush Administration, her brutal philosophy doesn’t work for the majority of Americans and, ultimately, leads to the moneyed class operating no differently than the Mafia or the kings of Medieval Europe, except the gangsters and ancient royalty occasionally gave money to charity — that wouldn’t happen in Ayn Rand’s Objectivist paradise. Ironically, at the end of her life, Ayn Rand was broke and abandoned by her rich friends, and compelled to accept Social Security to get by and Medicare to treat the cancer that killed her.

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