Videos: Clueless, Classless Snoot Romney on Full Display in “Cookiegate’

We don’t have to worry about class warfare with Mitt Romney — he doesn’t have any. What kind of jerk sits down at a table on which people have placed food and drink for his enjoyment, and then cracks dismissive jokes about their efforts and their food, and refuses to touch a bite? Mitt Romney, that’s what kind of jerk. The man has been in politics for a decade, and running for president for five years, and yet he has the political finesse of Baron Harkonnen from “Dune”. This is not the first gaffe of this kind Romney has made, and it certainly won’t be the last.

The baker of the “7-11 cookies” responds to Romney:

PA Democrats respond:

From MSNBC’s The Ed Schultz Show; notice how Romney is just full of cogent answers to their concerns about the economy:

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H/T to The Political Carnival.

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