Video: Fox News and Romney Continue to Promote Myth That Obama Apologized for America

It never happened, but when has that stopped Fox in pursuit of a good smear? And now they’ve got their sociopathic ‘last man standing’ presidential candidate Mitt Romney babbling the same nonsense. Romney has also been falsely attacking Obama for not doing enough to fight America’s terrorist enemies and tyrants — what cave was Romney in when Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gadaffy were killed and Hosni Mubarak deposed? In the last couple of minutes of the video below, watch Dana Perino verbally dribble all over herself (yes, they pay her for these opinions), while the rest of the gang debates the ‘glory’ of American exceptionalism and infers Obama sold us out to the Chinese. More odiferous bullshit: the Republican Party, and the global corporations for which they stand, have been banging the outsourcing gong for 30 years while Junior Bush borrowed money from the Chinese to keep us afloat and laded on the massive debt — all because he wouldn’t raise taxes on the rich to pay for his wars and other irresponsible schemes. They are truly ‘all the way through the looking glass’ at Fox these days — the flop sweat of desperation is nearly palpable.

Fox Won’t Let Go Of Ridiculous Myth That Obama “Apologized” For America

Media Matters
April 26, 2012 11:28 pm ET

Fox News is once again pushing the myth that President Obama “apologized” for the United States, following a speech by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in which he vowed to “never again apologize for America.” In fact, Obama has never made such an apology.

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