Video: Karl Rove’s Obnoxious and Deceitful Anti-Obama Ad…

… that’s actually so unintentionally funny it makes Obama look good. Of course, the shameless snake that was apparently born Karl Rove (should we ask for a birth certificate proving he emerged from the womb of a human woman?), disregards that the Texas Idiocrat he helped to elect president racked up our elephant-sized debt that sent the country spiraling downward with his trickle-down dry drunk policies, and that Republicans in the Senate have blocked in lockstep any attempts by Obama to ameliorate the conditions he cites. As Twainish word-wrangler Charles P. Pierce put it in his Esquire column recently:

“You know, Barack Obama is a ‘celebrity’ who really isn’t interested in the hard work of governing — as was, apparently, the guy Rove put in the Oval Office. I don’t know how this ad is supposed to work. The people who think the president is a show-pony didn’t vote for him last time and won’t vote for him this time, and wouldn’t vote for him if he turned water into wine on national TV. The people who think Obama’s turn on Jimmy Fallon, and his Al Green karaoke, are marks of fundamental cool are unlikely to turn against him because of that. Young people are going to look at this ad and wonder why the old boring white guys are trying to harsh the national mellow. My answer is a long-game answer. At some level, Rove, and the plutocrats for whom he works, know that it’s better than 50-50 that the president will be re-elected. The goal in the campaign, therefore, will be to muddy him sufficiently that the already limited time a second-term president has when anybody’s paying attention to him will be relatively worthless. That, and some thinly disguised stroking of the base’s racist g-spots and you’ve got a two-fer that would appeal to a guy who’s only ever been interested in politics to work out whatever personal issues the tiny little man inside him has with the rest of the world.”

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