Video: Wilted Flowers Mother’s Day Message from Romney’s PAC

More misleading slag from Romney’s nasty PAC ‘Restore Our Future’ which apparently seeks to resurrect every terrible idea the Junior Bush Administration ever tried and then add Mr. Mitt’s batty economic formula, which is akin to fertilizing a bad tree with Super-Gro to provide an even larger variety of rotten fruit. As Mitt and Ann Romney and their palace guard well know, Hilary Rosen’s comment was deadly accurate, when not extracted from context for political effect — Ann Romney has never had the experience of working outside the home (or having to), and, particularly, raising children at the same time. As the best political columnist in the country, Charles P. Pierce, put it:

“I’m a little tired of Annie’s medical misfortunes being used cheaply as a way to make her a lyric from a Loretta Lynn tune. Not to be altogether crude about it but, if she hadn’t been married to somebody worth $280 million, she might well be dead by now. As it happens, I know people who have multiple sclerosis, and many of them couldn’t afford even the most ‘reasonably’ priced therapies until Mitt Romney and a Democratic legislature pushed through the health-care reform that he now refuses to acknowledge, and that he has promised to deny to the rest of the country. If you’re looking for solidarity with these people, Annie, you might very well be in the wrong place. And of course, hubby chimes in with another attack of verbal flopsweat:

“This effort to describe Republicans as being anything other than extraordinarily pro-women, pro-opportunity for women of America, pro working moms, pro working women, that kind of effort is missing the mark.”

“And, down along gender gap, Ma slaughters a chicken for dinner and wonders what the Sam Hill is up with these citified goobers anyway.”
— Charles P. Pierce, “Happy Mother’s Day with a PAC o’ Lies,” Esquire, May 10, 2012.

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