Weird Pix for May 21, 2012

1. “Now, who’s got the Lydia Pinkham tonic?”

2. “More lard with my merlot, my good man!”

3. This is eithar an illustration showing that reading can improve your perspective, or an instruction to convicts on how to use books to get over the wall.

4. This photo of Rand Paul in shorts or his underwear may be photoshopped but, from my brief stint in the broadcasting business, I know things like this can happen. ┬áStories abound in broadcasting of practical jokes wherein the announcer was ‘depantsed’ out of camera range and unbeknownst to the audience. One notorious anecdote has to do with newsman Alex Dreier; seems Dreier was doing a live newscast on ABC seated at a desk and some of his colleagues crawled under the desk and pulled his pants and underwear down while he was on the air. A woman on the staff then began to manipulate ‘Little Alex.’ True professional Dreier never skipped a beat and delivered five minutes of news with nary a dropped syllable or change in his calmly serious demeanor.

5. Many of us have felt this way from time-to-time:

6. But what’s the prize for winning? A Walmart discount coupon?

7. “I love you, liebling. Now shine my Iron Cross!”

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