Video: President Obama Announces Gov’t Will Stop Deporting Some Young Immigrants

Even though some may think this is a cynical political move in an election year (strange calculation, since Obama already had the Hispanic vote sewn up), you can gauge by the scalded-cat reaction of the Usual Suspects on the Right that this is a major step forward in immigration policy, relieving the suffering of nearly a million Americans, and I think it will become every bit as important to the progress of those of Hispanic ancestry as the civil rights legislation of the 1960s was to the black victims of racist segregation. Ironically, just as white Southerner Bill Clinton was called by some our first black president, Barack Obama, with his heritage of a black father and white mother, might very well turn out to be our first Hispanic president.

via President Obama Delivers Remarks on Immigration

Here’s a sampling of the MSM reaction:

Obama administration to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants
By Tom Cohen, CNN
Fri June 15, 2012

President Obama’s Immigration Shift Could Bolster Latino Support In November
By Cory Dade and Liz Halloran, NPR
June 15, 2012

And, of course, what would a major step forward for America be without an oaf from the right trying to impede it; in this case, a ‘reporter’ from Tucker Carlson’s online compost heap, The Daily Caller:

Obama explains new immigration plan, while heckled by reporter in Rose Garden

By Liz Goodwin | The Ticket
June 15, 2012

Even Fox News reacted sourly to the Daily Caller heckler.

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