Morsi Set to Be Egypt’s New President

Although right-wingers will be predictably raving hysterically over an alleged member of the Muslim Brotherhood winning the presidential election in Egypt, at least he is not connected to the Egyptian military, and many of those who demonstrated in Tahrir Square to be rid of the tyrant Hosni Mubarak were not beaten only to be ruled over by religious zealots.  I’m going to give this fledgling democracy time to draft a constitution and get parliament up and running before making any hasty judgments.

Islamist Morsi wins Egypt presidential vote

From USA Today
June 24, 2012

CAIRO (AP) – Mohammed Morsi was declared Egypt’s first Islamist president on Sunday after the freest elections in the country’s history, narrowly defeating Hosni Mubarak’s last Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq in a race that raised political tensions in Egypt to a fever pitch.

The country’s last four presidents over the past six decades have all came from the ranks of the military. This is the first time modern Egypt will be headed by an Islamist and by a freely elected civilian.

Throngs of Morsi supporters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square erupted in cheers and dancing when the result was read out on live television. Some released doves with his pictures over the square where the uprising that ousted Mubarak last year was born. Others set off fireworks.

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