Today’s Music: Woody Guthrie, Del Reeves, Bastille Day

Legendary Great Depression singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie was born this day in 1912 (d. 1967). If you’ve listened to the radio in the past 60 years, you’ve heard a Guthrie tune performed by somebody. As well as being a major influence on folk singers, most notably Bob Dylan, Woody’s inspiration has blossomed out into other forms of music.

With Leadbelly and Sonny Terry:

Country star Del Reeves was born today in 1933 (d. 2007). Here’s his best-known hit:

Today is also the anniversary of Bastille Day, when the French people overthrew the Bourbon aristocracy in 1789 and tried to form a constitutional democratic republic based on the then-new United States of America. It would take them Emperor Napoleon and several French monarchs before they achieved their goal. Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Here are scenes from last year’s celebration:

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