Palin Dud Headed to Pay-Per-View

Despite Fox News and other right-wing media trying to pump life into this dead dog, Sarah Palin’s propaganda farce “The Undefeated” has done so poorly at the box office it’s headed to pay-per-view. If it follows the Palin media drain swirl, it will have about fifty customers willing to shell out cash to witness this pathetic attempt at documentary filmmaking by a hired gun, and half of those buyers will no doubt be critics. If shark jumping were an Olympic event, Mama Grizzly would already qualify for the team just based on her last book failure and TV show tumble; this loser would nab her the gold medal. Here’s the happy tale from National Confidential:


By National Confidential Staff
26 July 2001

The Undefeated, the documentary boosting failed Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has turned out to be a box office dud ($101,382 in sales). The film, which played to empty theaters, did not perform as well as documentaries from liberal filmmakers like An Inconvenient Truth ($24 million) and Fahrenheit 9/11 ($119 million).

The filmmakers have announced plans for the movie to be released on a pay-per-view basis.

The Undefeated was widely panned by critics – it currently rates a 0% on movie review site, though it was touted by Palin fans as one way to launch a possible presidential campaign.

Most polls show Palin would lose to President Obama in a landslide.

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