Various Cartoonists View the Trayvon Martin Murder

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Today’s Music: Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass, “Why Don’t You Do Right?”

Never heard of the great vocalist Ella Fitzgerald and the equally great guitar player Joe Pass? Time to get hip! Click on their names and read up while you listen to the tune below.

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Cartoons: Politics and Super Heroing

1. If Superman had to dress like the scantily-clad Wonder Woman, no doubt his costume would look something like this:

2. And if the other super ‘men in tights’ had to follow suit:

3. Even Superman would discover there is no privacy on the Internet:

4. And, in real life, this man and four of his colleagues may have more power over the future of women, and all of us, than any cartoon superhero:

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Today’s Music: The Rolling Stones, “Miss You”

Trust me on this, these guys could have been big, if they had listened to Andrew Loog Oldham.**

** This is a joke. Oldham was instrumental in the Stones’ early success.

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Florida Justice

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Rick Santorum: Just Imagine This Crackpot as President

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Today’s Quotes: Randomized for Your Protection

“Artists lie to tell the truth. Politicians lie to hide it.”
— From the film “V for Vendetta”.

“Anything that keeps people stupid is a felony.”
— Harlan Ellison

“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in excess body fat and carrying a misspelled sign.”
— Anonymous

“There’s always free cheddar in the mousetrap, baby.”
— Tom Waits

“Everybody wants to be the Big Cheese until somebody bigger wants to take a bite.”
— Sigorna Halkussen

“Whenever a better mousetrap is invented, nature always creates a better mouse.”
— Dr. Jess Richana

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Sunday Sermon in Cartoons for March 25, 2012

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Romney and Seamus the Car-Roof Dog: Fake Obama Ad

Note to Mittens: If you really couldn’t fit Seamus in the car, you could have taken him to a good kennel for boarding. (Don’t worry, you could have afforded it.) Yes, this ‘problem solver’ thinks he has the maturity and foresight to be the so-called Leader of the Free World — dog owners and their pets, and anyone with a lick of sense, might not agree.

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Today’s Music: Michael Hedges on Acoustic Guitar

I have to admit I know next to nothing about guitarist Michael Hedges except he died young, but he does a beautiful job on this acoustic piece, “Eleven Small Roaches”:

H/T to Michael Dare of Dareland.

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