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Videos: Romney Says ‘Trust Me’ That He Paid His Taxes — Why Should We?

Romney Claims His Tax Rate Was Never Lower Than 13 Percent As Ronald Reagan once said: “Trust, but verify.” With Mitt Romney’s record of deceiving the voters of Massachusetts over his place of residence, telling them to ‘trust him’ that … Continue reading

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Video: Elizabeth Warren’s Ready for a Fight

Recorded June 4, 2012, and, unlike some in her party, she’s coming out swinging. Her new campaign ad: If you have a few dollars, donate to her campaign here. If she wins, you can one day say you donated to … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney for Dummies

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Video and Quotes: Romney’s Dismal Massachusetts Jobs Record

Mitt Romney brought his Bain Capital experience as a corporate raider, the ‘business experience’ he’s now touting as his primary qualification for the presidency, to the governorship of Massachusetts. Funny thing, it didn’t work out so well as, under Gov. … Continue reading

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Breaking: Elizabeth Warren is Running for Senate

From Bold Progressives.org: BREAKING NEWS: Huffington Post reports that Elizabeth Warren is in! She’s running for Senate in Massachusetts!! […] One month ago, we launched a Draft Elizabeth Warren campaign. Our goal was to show that a grassroots army would … Continue reading

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