What Do The Wall Street Protestors Want?

Only the Corporate Media couldn’t figure this one out but, then, there’s no financial gain or career boost for the Talking Heads if they come up with the correct answer. As Wendy Gittleson at AddictingInfo.org notes:

“Why does the mainstream media have such a problem with the protesters? A quick look at their ownership will tell you why. The mainstream media is owned by just six major, multinational corporations. Between their ownership and their advertisers, the mainstream media is Wall Street and vice versa.”

So here are some of the ‘Usual Media Suspects’ — O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. — with a few new kids on the play-dumb block, chewing over what it all means and arriving, as usual, at the wrong conclusion. Think of it, the OWS protestors are dirty, stupid, ignorant, smelly hippie rich-kid professional amateur jobless anarchists in expensive clothes who go to the best colleges yet don’t know what they’re talking about or why they’re protesting. (See this if you want to know some of what they’re talking about.) Particularly entertaining among the mugshots in this Think Progress video compilation is former CNBC ‘Money Bunny’ Erin Burnett, who is now with CNN; this is the ‘newswoman’ who smugly dismissed the OWS but once worked for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, advised babbling idiot Donald Trump, is engaged to Citigroup executive David Rubulotta, and has figuratively if not literally been in bed with every big investment bank in New York. Asking for her unbiased opinion of Wall Street is akin to asking Minnie Mouse what she thought of Walt Disney. This is a woman who once warned on the Chris Matthews show that Americans “should be careful what they wish for” in regard to controlling toxic products from China since the production of “toys that don’t have lead in them or food that isn’t poisonous” would make them more expensive to buy, thereby potentially reducing profits for her friends in the stock market. So, she’s a real humanitarian, as well. (Burnett later claimed she really didn’t want “children to play with toys that are not safe,” but only after she got in a jam for her reprehensible remarks.)

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