Do They Really Think They Can Get Elected With This Insanity?

On what planet does a cold-heartedly crazy and cynical political party that apparently hates mostly eveyone but the rich get elected by a majority? Here, Herman Cain exemplifies the Republican problem perfectly — don’t blame Wall Street and the banks that trashed the economy, blame the Obama Administration that is trying to pass a jobs bill that’s being blocked by the Republicans in the Senate. Listen to the cheers of the GOP boneheads as Cain sticks to his pop guns and refuses to acknowledge the fact that there simply aren’t enough jobs for every American who wants one.

And here’s the pundit favorite, the allegedly ‘moderate’ Mitt “Corporations Are People” Romney whom the chattering classes believe can beat Obama, cluelessly thinking that mass foreclosures are popular with American voters.

H/T to Daily Kos.

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