Video: GOP Pols in Action Using Luntz’s Talking Points

Frank Luntz is, more than any other political operative save perhaps Karl Rove, responsible for the deep divisions in American politics caused by the various outright lies and crapola euphemisms he has cooked up to sway large parts of the American public, and the US media, into believing things that are not true, or to question the truth of scientific evidence or common sense.  If Frank can create any confusion or doubt, say about something like global warming or Obama’s health care reform, his side wins, and his side are the corporate and political perpetrators profiting from the crime.  Luntz’s various ‘frames’ have dominated Republican language for two decades now, and you hear his words emanate from every GOP talking head in the media. Essentially, he has turned the GOP into a party of emotionalized talking points instead of workable policies, all with the tacit aim of making the rich richer at everyone else’s expense.  Although he styles himself as a ‘pollster,’ Luntz is much more than that — he is nothing less than the Republican Party’s Joseph Goebbels with approximately the same goals. Read the excerpt below and watch the video, but make sure to read the entire piece.

Watch how Frank Luntz, the guy who lies for a living, manipulates the public

From ‘STOP Framing’
Jan. 2012

Who is Frank Luntz? Briefly, he is the guy responsible for crafting specific language that is intended to guide our thinking in a certain direction. This language is then repeated over and over on Fox news and other corporately controlled media outlets until others start repeating it and it becomes common knowledge. This is what is called framing, in a nutshell, and works similar to schemas in psychology.

To see Frank “The Liar” Luntz’s work in action, check out the frame he created to direct our attention away from providing health care to our citizens in favor of thinking that this type of legislation would allow Government to stand between you and your doctor. (which is precisely what insurance companies do)

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