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Video: Save the Troy Library: “Adventures In Reverse Psychology”

More progressives should replicate the innovative success of the Troy Library instead of ‘cooperating’ with the dumbed-down conservative framing of issues.

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Video: GOP Pols in Action Using Luntz’s Talking Points

Frank Luntz is, more than any other political operative save perhaps Karl Rove, responsible for the deep divisions in American politics caused by the various outright lies and crapola euphemisms he has cooked up to sway large parts of the American … Continue reading

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George Lakoff on OWS Luntz-Speak

I don’t know if I agree with Lakoff entirely — the word ‘capitalism,’ for example, is not necessarily that popular these days, although I prefer ‘crapitalism’ to decribe the economic system in play in most parts of the world — … Continue reading

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