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From the Frank Luntz Playbook: Fourteen Words Republicans Should Never Use

From the man responsible for conjuring up scary ‘Death Panels’ for routine end of life counseling and shamelessly casting a bill that would increase pollution as a ‘Clean Air Act,’ here are more of his misleading and false ‘frames’ that … Continue reading

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Today’s Quote: Ex-Republican Knows How to Beat the Greedy Old Plutocrats

It’s true, many good progressives don’t know how to frame an idea simply in plain language (some of the sign-makers of OWS could teach them a thing or two), and tend to bury their point in the third paragraph, long … Continue reading

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What a Shock — GOP Can’t Find Even One Wealthy ‘Job Creator’

You’d think the Republicans would be able to scrape up some poor schmoe to be the poster boy for their talking-point buncombe that the top 1 Percent create jobs, but it was too much for them. As the saying goes, … Continue reading

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George Lakoff on OWS Luntz-Speak

I don’t know if I agree with Lakoff entirely — the word ‘capitalism,’ for example, is not necessarily that popular these days, although I prefer ‘crapitalism’ to decribe the economic system in play in most parts of the world — … Continue reading

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