Signs o’ the Times: The GOP War on Women Drags On

1. The look the average woman gets when confronted by the kind of clueless ignorance displayed by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus:

2. Why should a woman’s private sex life be judged differently than a man’s? For that matter, why is anyone’s private sexuality a concern of anyone else, and especially the government, as long as they’re doing it with consenting adults? The Victorian-pecksniff Big Media bigotry against grown single women who enjoy sex ‘outside of marriage’ is particularly ludicrous — how dare the tawdry soft-porn hustlers of the MSM, twisted talk show hosts, or hypocritical Republican politicians judge another person’s morality?

3. ‘Godless Vagina Girl’ will school ’em (thanks to the Godless Vagina blog for this item):

4. A Congressional hearing on women’s issues without any women testifying? Only an uber-Republican dipstick like Rep. Darrell Issa could think of that.

5. This is more true than some might suspect. These guys make drooling peepshow creeps with lap raincoats look respectable.

6. Say it again because it’s true!

7. This sums it up for the demented party that’s obsessed with controlling the sexual practices of women.

H/T to,, Republican Dirty and the Godless Vagina blog.

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