Video: Republican Baloney Peddler Reince Priebus Denies GOP War on Women

The GOP War on Women is just a ‘media fiction’ invented by the Democrats and the ‘Liberal’ Media — like all those Republican votes against equal wages for women, domestic violence laws, birth control, and funding women’s health clinics never happened? And the Republican-dominated states that have proposed or passed laws for intrusive state-ordered vaginal probes, permitting employers to snoop into the private lives of women to see what conduct morally offends them, gov’t-mandated scripts for women’s doctors, allowing doctors to legally lie to women seeking an abortion, and trying to cut funding to programs that screen for breast cancer and other women’s health issues don’t exist? Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus (rhymes with ‘Reich penis’) ‘severely’ needs drug rehab to cure him of his blatant hallucinations.

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