Video: Mitt Romney Defines ‘Work’ for Poor Mothers

Turns out Mitt doesn’t think taking care of a child is real work with, you know, ‘dignity.’ That only applies to privileged wealthy mothers like his wife Ann who has never had a job outside the home in her life and had plenty of household help, perhaps supplied by other mothers enjoying the ‘dignity’ of cleaning up after the Romney’s five sons. In Mitt’s upper-crust universe, Ann Romney has a ‘choice’ of whether or not to work outside the home; those afflicted with poverty are afforded no such choice. BTW, notice he says, “I’m willing to spend more” for poor mothers to appreciate the “dignity of work” at some soul-killing, dead-on-your-feet minimum wage job — hint to Mitt: you weren’t spending more of your own money, that would be the taxpayers of Massachusetts you served as Governor that spent more, but an interesting Freudian slip of what Romney thinks of handling the public treasury. Here he is, cluelessly blabbering Romneyan nonsense in New Hampshire last January:

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