Video: Donald Trump Thinks He’d be the Best Choice for Romney’s Veep

The humble and dignified Manhattan real estate tycoon famous for yelling “You’re fired!” at the slippery, wheedling masochists who appear on his TV game show (one of his few projects from which he turns a profit), recently sat down for an interview on right-wing media wherein he advanced himself as Mitt Romney’s best choice for vice president. It’s a mystery why Romney would think that associating with an obnoxious human cartoon like ‘The Donald’ is a good idea for his presidential bid, but then the wily Mitt-Uns is apparently operating off of some Higher Campaign Power the wisdom of which is denied to us mere mortals — or else he’s just a dumb rich oaf. Whichever, I’d contribute hard-earned cash to further the prospect of a Romney-Trump ticket in 2012, and I feel other progressives would gladly chip in as well. Why, the Magic Underwear Duo might even manage to tack down 100 electoral votes if they work real hard, leaving Obama-Biden with a slim victory of only 438!

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