Weird Pix for May 26, 2012

1. Yep, the crazy ran free and wild, even back in the mid ’60s. The only difference now is that the MSM gives them a seat at the table and takes them seriously most of the time and they have constructed an entire Alternate Universe of ‘news’ that isn’t.

2. Speaking of crazy, here’s an actual flyer, signed by the increasingly eccentric Mitt Romney, allying himself with one of the weirdest characters in public life.

3. This is the kind of centerpiece I envision the guests of Bain Capital fetes encountering.

4. One hopes Tom himself wasn’t driving — or instructing.

5. Do the Hokey Pokey with the Bard of Avon! (No, not the cosmetic company!)

6. It’s a joke, but how many would want to make it a reality?

7. Could they at least learn how to correctly spell the name of those they hate?

8. Was there really a demand for these weird t-shirts?

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