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Despite Romney’s Lies, Obama is the Smallest Gov’t Spender Since Eisenhower

From that hotbed of liberal activism, Forbes: Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama? By Rick Ungar Forbes May 24, 2012 It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic scratch his … Continue reading

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Today’s Quotes: Randomized

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D-Day Plus One

What with the Wisconsin election news, I forgot to include any mention of the 68th anniversary of D-Day yesterday. I can’t honor the veterans of that battle and that war any better than Dwight Eisenhower did in the quote below. … Continue reading

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Offbeat Presidential Factoids

From various sources: ************** President Andrew Jackson survived an assassination attempt when the TWO pistols drawn by his would-be assassin, Richard Lawrence, both misfired. Jackson then lived up to his “Old Hickory” nickname by using his hickory cane to beat … Continue reading

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