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10 Important Healthcare Improvements of Obamacare

Also read this: Explaining the Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare by Jesse Wegman The Daily Beeast June 28, 2012 Excerpt: “So am I going to have to pay more tax now? “Starting in 2016, when the “shared responsibility payment” is … Continue reading

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Zimmerman’s Self-Defense Alibi Collapses with Release of Police Video

Here are videos of George Zimmerman in police custody shortly after killing Trayvon Martin with his 9mm pistol last February. His ‘friends’ and an alleged Sanford, Fla., police leak have said Zimmerman was viciously attacked by Trayvon who supposedly punched … Continue reading

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Limbaugh Scandal May Bring Down Right-Wing Talk Radio

As John Avlon at The Daily Beast notes, “But this latest controversy comes at a particularly difficult time for right-wing talk radio. They are playing to a (sometimes literally) dying demographic. Rush & Co. rate best among old, white males. … Continue reading

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