Occupy Our Food

I’m glad the OWS Movement is addressing one of the most pernicious aspects of the corporate takeover of America — implanting in our food dubious substances such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, additives such as Bovine Growth Hormone, incidental chemicals like antibiotics given to animals which then can have dire consequences for human health, and, most dangerously, genetically modified (GM) crop seeds that are designed not to regenerate so the farmer must buy new seeds every year. Fortunately, Sweden has a vault of ‘heritage’ seeds in case the GM crops start mutating and dying off before they bear fruit or vegetables, a distinct possibility since the science of genetic crop modification is fairly new and little tested, and Big Agra rushed all of this into the planting cycle to maximize profit. (Already, GM crops have failed to deliver on the manufacturer’s promises.) Even after more than a decade, we still┬ádon’t know what long-term effects this Frankenfood will have on our bodies. One thing’s sure: most people won’t buy this mutant, chemically-treated food if they are aware of its properties. That’s why the big food corporations have been fighting so hard to keep this info off of food product labels. Read on:

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