Cain’s Last Strawman

The bizarre presidential campaign — or droll performance art project, according to Rachel Maddow — of Herman Cain has now approached the point where no one but the most addled of the addled GOP Base and their aides-de-‘camp’ in the Big Media can any longer take him seriously. As Ali Gharib at Think Progress noted on Oct. 31st in “Herman Cain Compares U.S. Foreign Policy To Making Pizza”:

“After a series of embarrassing foreign policy gaffes, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain roared back last week that he has indeed become a foreign policy expert because he’s been ‘consulting with a number of experts to get up to speed.’

That was two weeks ago and it’s obvious Cain wasn’t listening to his ‘experts’ as he wincingly vamps his way through this answer on Libya:

So, Cain says he doesn’t know emough to complain about Obama’s actions in Libya, but does so anyway. This is what’s known in the trade as total bullshit.








Already what there is of the Cain campaign staff, mostly employees of the various Koch brothers political front groups, are excusing Cain’s pathetic performance in the video above as due to a lack of sleep. When does the man take personal responsibility for his actions, without excuses, as he advised the OWS protestors to do? With his poll numbers declining, mostly the result of sexual harassment allegations, the Not-Ready-For-Primetime Herman Show is about to hit bottom, where it belongs.

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