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The Gap Between Big Oil and Real Science

Media Matters Radio And Climate Central Break Down The PR Gap Between Big Oil And Real Science Media Matters March 17, 2012 From the March 17 edition SiriusXM’s Media Matters Radio: Link to the article here. There is also this: … Continue reading

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Cain’s Last Strawman

The bizarre presidential campaign — or droll performance art project, according to Rachel Maddow — of Herman Cain has now approached the point where no one but the most addled of the addled GOP Base and their aides-de-‘camp’ in the … Continue reading

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Video: Every Democrat Should Follow Her Example

Here’s Elizabeth Warren, running for US Senate in Massachusetts against Wall Street Republican puppet Sen. Scott Brown, and clearly defining her campaign in no-nonsense populist terms every Democrat running for any office in the country should emulate. Hedge Fund favorite Brown has raised $10 … Continue reading

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