Romney Won’t Provide Proof He Was a ‘Job Creator’

Of course he won’t, because he can’t. Despite his claims that he created “tens of thousands of jobs” when running Bain Capital, he actually exported American jobs overseas, he didn’t ‘create’ them here. Watching the Mittster on C-Span the other day, blowing smoke at reporters from the Des Moines Register, it occurred to me he looks just like the ‘respected’ surgeon in some TV drama whom the cops discover is selling illegal human organs on the side and pull him in for questioning. Romney’s nervous, sweaty affability is perfect for the role of the ‘doctor with a dark secret.’ No wonder even the flakes in the GOP base can’t stand him. Read more here:

Romney Backers Refuse To Provide Evidence For Ad’s Claim That He Created Jobs
By Alex Seitz-Wald
Dec 9, 2011
Think Progress

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