Chuck Norris’ Simpleminded and Inaccurate View of Public Education

Note to Chuck: You can take your Bible to a public school. You can read your Bible in a public school. But you have no right to make others read your Bible in a public school, or have the Bible taught in public school. That’s because parents who may not be your kind of Christian, or not Christian at all, help pay for that public school. Tell me, Chuck, would you like to pay for, say, a Muslim education for your children, should Islam become the majority religion in America? Besides, if your nonsense had any validity, then we wouldn’t have criminals in jail who graduated from parochial schools where they do teach the Bible. You might also note that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and Susan Smith, who murdered her two sons, both grew up in Bible-belting households; Smith was even being sexually abused by her stepfather who was a member in good standing of the Christian Coalition. Sorry, Chuck, but the human psyche is much more complicated than the solutions found in a book written thousands of years ago that has so many diverse interpretations. Incidentally, the United States was not founded on ‘Biblical principles’ except in the very broadest sense. It would be more accurate to say it was founded on Platonic or Athenian principles, from whence democracy and the idea of the republic sprang. In the days when the Bible was being written, it was unquestioned monarchy all the way.

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