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Texas GOP Bans Teaching Critical Thinking in Schools

Perhaps this is to be expected in a state that keeps reelecting intellectual featherweights like Gov. Rick “George W. Bush did a incredible job in the presidency” Perry and Rep. Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, and that has statehouse politicians who believe … Continue reading

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Signs o’ the Times: Is This What We’re Fighting For Now?

1. Tax cuts for those who are already wealthy that don’t help improve our economy? 2. Higher pay for the top 1 percent? 3. Subsidies for profitable ‘free market’  corporations? 4. Those who have never served in the military and … Continue reading

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Video: Dumb Racism

Left out of this video is how much a good early education, and good nutrition for school kids, factor in brain development and IQ. I’d like to see an experiment where every public school in America receives the same amount … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris’ Simpleminded and Inaccurate View of Public Education

Note to Chuck: You can take your Bible to a public school. You can read your Bible in a public school. But you have no right to make others read your Bible in a public school, or have the Bible … Continue reading

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