Fables for the Modern Age, Part Two

Three economists and three pollsters were going on a trip by train from Washington, DC to Chicago. Before the journey, the pollsters purchased three tickets but the economists only bought one. The pollsters were glad their stupid colleagues were going to be kicked off the train. However, when they saw the conductor approaching their compartment, all three economists quickly went to the nearest lavatory.

When the conductor arrived, he noticed that someone was in the toilet and knocked on the door. “Ticket, please,” he called out. In reply, the door opened slightly and a hand with one ticket emerged. He took it, assuming only one passenger was in the lavatory, and the three economists saved the cost of two tickets.

On the return trip, the pollsters decided to use the same strategy — they bought only one ticket, but the economists did not buy any tickets at all! When the pollsters saw the conductor, they hid in the toilet, and when they heard knocking and “Ticket, please,” they handed over the ticket just as the economists had, but they didn’t get it back.

What happened to the ticket? The economists grabbed it and went to another lavatory.

Meanwhile, as the economists and pollsters were playing their little train games, Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, was landing in Washington, DC, comfortably finishing a bottle of expensive champagne in the First Class compartment of a wide-body jet, the flight paid for by News Corp.

Moral: Only poor people in the entertainment business take the train.

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